Know the "hot" industries and high-performing markets to guide new graduates.


Become the Labor Market Expert

When planning new degree programs or counseling students on their career search, you’ll have the data required to help new graduates understand their worth and where to look for jobs after graduation.

A data-centric approach to career planning.

With growing job requirements and salary demands, LaborIQ makes it easy to track market and industry performance and the drivers that impact compensation rates – saving you time and resources.

Know sought-after degree fields in specific markets and within specific occupations or industries.

Understand expected salary for roles within specific industries.

Get insight into future trends to identify new degree programs or education tracks.

Guide Your Graduates

LaborIQ simplifies complex data and offers guidance in critical moments, providing on-emand labor market analysis and salary answers.

With a full analysis of performance drivers, talent supply and demand compensation requirements in one system, you gain complete visibility into the talent market and salary demands.