A uniquely visual sofware that helps you identify top talent markets and the right pay for over 19,000 job titles.


Broaden Your Reach

Ensure your talent search is a success with the location, performance and salary answers for strategic recruiting.

All-In-One Solution

Define your recruitment strategy across locations and industries using just one system. LaborIQ is built to evolve with your recruiting, placement and salary data needs.

Gain a fresh look at job requirements for over 19,000 roles.

Know salary demands across jobs by metro, industry, company size and more.

Leverage AI-driven technology for a recruiting edge.

Benchmark a job or candidate against the market.

Easily target cost-effective locations for remote sourcing.

Get college and university graduation rates by degree type to align with hiring needs.

Data-Driven Recruitment Strategies

The standards for recruiting and placing talent have changed. Roles involved with talent searches, salary negotiations and employee placement are on a path toward people-first strategy. Along with the shift in how recruiting is done, employee expectations have fundamentally changed in our new world of remote workers.

With LaborIQ, it is easy to match market conditions with salary demands and make strategic hiring decisions for your clients and organization.

Why Companies Trust


LaborIQ has set us apart from other recruiting companies. We are able to look at market forecasts by industry and location, which helps determine growth and expansion areas for our business. With LaborIQ Salary Answers, we are able provide our clients with accurate market salary information to help them budget for current and future positions.

Jolene Risch, President

Risch Results

LaborIQ has enhanced my clients’ hiring strategies now that we can get the data behind what drives salary demands, and how pay ranges will change in the future. We identified where they could have overpaid for talent, saving overhead costs in the long run.

Krystal Yates, Founder

EBR Consulting

Since using LaborIQ’s market analysis, we’ve been able to easily identify economic movement in specific metros and strategically guide our clients’ business operations and location strategies. This has saved both sides a tremendous amount of time and resources.

Ken DeFeo, Sr. Director of Compensation

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